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Friday, September 25, 2015

Welcome To $hanni's Devine Designs!

HELLO!!! I'm Shanni - owner of Face+ Media and this is my design site. I'm a independent business owner and my network attests as my portfolio as well as being a 15 year tenure to online business. Needless to say, I've learned a few things and have even created a Minion game called "I have Minionitis"

Yep, that was serendipity right there for me, "a fortunate accident"

Anyhow - so here's my design site and right now I'm running a holiday special - The Holiday Promo Pack 2015 on sale at my Payloadz site.

With this pack you get:

15 promotional items - social cards, banners, buttons, video - whatever your project is needing. 10-15 pieces per project is that standard amount for what I do per client and for my own projects and sites and turn around after successful purchase is 24-48 hours. Promotions are added to at least 5 targeted, associated sites in my network including on my very popular GO BIG or GO HOME Media PR guide here.

As well, I'm offering, as part of my commission team Go BIG $hakers, a $35 commission on the promotion for those of you who want to earn some moolah for the holidays - MOO-LA-LAHHHH!!!! Sign up for that here

I'm obviously going to be one of the biggest contenders 2015 has seen and I'm oober excited - GOING BIG PLACES!

Hope to have you all with me!

Thanks for visiting my design site and see you all soon!

Love, Shanni